Claire Parsons ///// Quintet

or Claire Parsons //// Quartet


The ‘Claire Parsons //// Quintet’ is a young multinational collaboration between the British singer Claire Parsons, the Israelien guitarist Eran Har Even, the Luxembourgish bass player Pol Belardi, the drummer Niels Engel and the French drummer and pianist Jérôme Klein. The project is currently based in Luxembourg, Brussels and Amsterdam and is a witness of a constantly developing modern european jazz sound. The project was born out of the desire to form a creative connection between five young up-and-coming performers and to blend their contrasting backgrounds into the original compositions of Claire Parsons and Eran Har Even. Each of the musicians bring their unique vision and style to the music and thus create a very intimate and exciting atmosphere with the intention of creating harmony and balance within the existing environment.


Eran Har Even is an Edison nominated Israeli guitarist, composer and music teacher currently residing in Amsterdam. Since his arrival in the Netherlands in 2006, Eran has established himself as a leading figure in the Dutch Jazz scene – recording and performing with some of the finest Jazz musicians on the local and international circuits.

Pol Belardi is a Luxembourgish multi-instrumentalist and his curiosity in music was awakened at a very young age which has led him to study classical percussion, piano, drums, classical orchestra as well as playing in local rock and jazz bands. He then went on to study jazz bass and piano in Brussels and Amsterdam. He is the leader and co-leader of numerous projects and has established himself as a composer and musician in the local and international jazz scene.

Jerome Klein is a French multi-instrumentalist and is currently residing in Luxembourg. After having studied jazz with three different instruments at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, he has become part of many projects, mainly from Brussels and Luxembourg in which he is featured as Drummer, Pianist or Vibraphone-player, mixing many influences, going from Pop-rock to free improvised music.

Niels Engel is a Luxembourgish jazz drummer. His musical career started at the Conservatory of Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) where he studied mainly classical music (clarinet, classic percussion, solfeggio, classic harmony, chamber music, orchestral playing, brass band). After some years, he got more and more into jazz music and especially into drums and took lessons in jazz drums.