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Lights can guide you but also warn you.

Sacha Hanlet a.k.a. THEM LIGHTS is a singer/songwriter and musician based in Luxembourg.

When he was introduced to Michael Jackson's Thriller for the first time as a kid, his passion for groove and melody awoke and marked him forever.

At the end of 2016, the time had come to live this love and passion to its full extent and write his debut songs as THEM LIGHTS, finally creating and performing his own mysterious universe of dark, edgy and soulful r'n'b.

With the first live appearances set for 2017, THEM LIGHTS is only at the beginning of a long and colorful journey to captivate you with waves of lights straight into your heart. 

Sacha Hanlet: vocals / percussions - Claire Parsons: vocals / synths - Lou wery: Vocals / Synths - Jérôme Klein: drums/ percussions - John Wolter: percussions